What's New At The Log Cabin?

New Products In Store For You

Laurentian Chief Moccasins: Our Canadian made moccasins, mukluks and slippers are made right here in Canada. They are hand crafted out of select leather, suede and fur pelts. The moccasins with decorative glass bead patterns are hand sewn with care and attention to detail. For more information, visit www.laurentianchiefmoccasins.com.

Reallite Candles: feature an incredible flame that flickers, creating a realistic glow and the illusion of a true burning candle. This drip free wax candle is great for families with children, pets or forgetful candle lovers. When set, the smart-timer illuminates at the same time each day for 5 hours, automatically turning itself on and off. For more information, visit www.reallite.ca.

100 Degree Collection: Named for the temperature at which water boils (100 degrees centigrade) this durable collection of coffee and tea accessories is sure to clear up the problem of which size cup goes with which beverage. Keep track of whose cup is whose with the cheery silicone band which also allows you to hold on to your hot beverage. Silicone tea accessories round out the range in the same bold bright colours. All items are dishwasher safe and all silicone accessories are presented in a printed acetate box. For more information, visit www.abbottcollection.com.

K. Ross Creations: Kristin Ross is a jewellery designer from Niagara Falls, Ontario. From a young age fashion has always been at the forefront of her mind. Like art itself, the artist continued to evolve in both thought and design. From the beginning working with natural elements such as wood, shell and stone and now with recycled components. Kristin continues to be at the forefront of fashion and responds to the times. She has a vision and creates this vision into one of a kind art. She is an individual that follows her heart, not the mainstream and this is clearly transformed into her designs. Kristin is proud to live in the Niagara Region and offer Canadian made one of a kind wearable art. For more information, visit www.krosscreations.vpweb.ca.

Corn-n-Tater Microwave Cooking Bag: The Corn-n-Tater™ bag is a microwaveable cooking bag Cooks Fast; Healthy food with NO Cleanup, and it makes microwave food taste delicious. The secret is in the laboratory tested special materials made just for the Corn-n-Tater® bag. Food's moisture, flavor, and texture are retained when food is cooked in bag. For more information, visit www.homecookedshortcuts.com.

My Friend Huggles: The life-size character building doll. We teach beauty from the inside out. For more information, visit www.myfriendhuggles.com.

Sheerwater Jewellery: Uniting metals with natural and semi-precious stones, glass, crystal, resins, ceramics, pearls, wood, leather and more - all with dramatic styling and textures. Pieces are well suited to layering and they are perfect with a white tank, a crisp blouse, a cocktail dress or a suit - the results are always stunning. For more information, visit www.sheerwateraccessories.com.

Natural Life: Clothes, Accessories, Home Decor and Gifts for Women, Teens, Tweens and Girls. For more information, visit www.naturallife.com.

Concord Candle: Concord Candle is a proud manufacturer of Canadian Candles since 1981. Experience is no foreign concept for our company and we are proud to present you, in our opinion, the finest candle products produced in the Canadian market. We offer a beautiful selection of Taper, Column, Punch and other dinner candles, extensive Co-ordinate scented candle collections featuring Scenter votives, pillars, jars, tealites, a wide range of unscented candle options and more! We also offer an assortment of accessories to compliment your candle products. For more information, visit www.concordcandle.com.

Garfield: Plush Line Based on Famous Comic Strip Character Hits Shelves October 2012; Popular Classic "Just Clingin' Around" Garfield Returns to Market. For more information, click here.

Horse Whispers Figurines: The Horse Whispers Collection consists of nine figurines and one bust. Each Horse Whispers figurine is subtly painted with "whispers" of color, and sculpted with elegant realism and an exquisite attention to details. Through body language and facial expression - the tilt of the head, the placement of a hand, an upturned face or downcast eyes - each Horse Whispers figurine conveys emotions that are at the heart of a profound friendship. For more information, visit www.horsewhispers.com.

SLAP Watches: on your wrist – SLAP™ Watch. For more information, visit www.slapwatch.com.

Stephan Baby: Stephan Baby offers several hundreds of heartwarming gifts for little ones. For more information, visit www.stephanbaby.net.

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